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Avast Mobile Security review: should Android users get this antivirus?

Avast Mobile Security review: choosing the best shield

Mobile devices are exposed to more than 2 million cyber attacks daily. A low-security level entails information leakage. Therefore, it’s important to choose the antivirus that will make a device inaccessible for outside invasion. Avast Mobile Security is one of the leaders in the international security software market. In this article, the main program features are considered. So keep reading and find out why the antivirus has become so popular among customers all over the world.   Seven reasons to install the Avast software Any Avast Mobile Security review considers the program to be the best application for protecting devices. A 4.6 rating in Google Play and more than 100 million downloads confirm this opinion. Moreover, Avast for Android has earned a 100% rating in the categories “Ease of Use” and “Protection.” Avast multi-level security includes:

  • viruses and malware elimination;
  • strong data encryption when being connected to an unverified Wi-Fi network;
  • moving customer photos in a safe vault;
  • determining the device location in case of loss or theft;
  • limited access to certain application data;
  • unwanted calls blocking;
  • scanning available Wi-Fi networks for the safety.

A mobile device needs strong protection just as a PC. Avast Mobile Security is the best choice to have a defense against any hazard.

Why does the program have caught users’ fancy?

The Avast software suggests an effective and simple solution. It has three versions: Free, Pro, and Ultimate. If a customer’s thumbs down on purchasing the extended program license, it’ll be enough to content with the free one for smartphone security. Well, what operations is the Avast antivirus aimed at?

Privacy protection

The Avast software allows a customer to avoid spam attacks and unwanted phone calls. All antivirus versions embed this basic function. A blacklist should be created to abandon an individual number. It’s also possible blocking phone calls from certain countries by blacklisting their area code. The Pro license protects applications and photos by using a fingerprint, a pattern or a PIN. As for the Ultimate version, its VPN is intended to hide a customer on the Internet and to give unlimited access to foreign web resources.

Blocking all potential malware

Avast Mobile Security hinders any malware or virus seizing an Android device. Day-to-day scanning will reveal possible weak spots and cyber threats. Moreover, when installing software from dubious sources, the antivirus notifies a customer whether the program is harmless or not. The antivirus software scans a Wi-Fi carefully to connect it because perpetrators can steal user data through an unreliable network. To do this, they also use deleterious links on Internet resources or SMS. The Avast antivirus limits the ability to visit the site infected with a virus.

Remote data protection

A device owner can manage it remotely thanks to the antivirus program features. They also increase the chances of finding a lost mobile phone. If it’s stolen, the Avast software will block the device and delete all private data to prevent its use by a thief. The Avast Mobile Security Pro includes a front-facing camera and sound recording, so there’s a good chance to identify the person who holds a phone. By the way, the device will be registered as lost one automatically after somebody’s changing a SIM card.

Capacity boost

The Avast antivirus also optimizes a device operation. Mainly, this process is aimed to remove the junk files that decrease memory volume. Also, the program optimizes RAM so that a customer can enjoy faster device operations. The third step is to change power settings. A phone will function without recharging much longer. That is vital for busy people who don’t have time to search for a working outlet or charger. Avast Mobile Security will help to forget about the battery discharge.

Bottom line

The Avast software is suitable for both strong device protection and its optimization. You can purchase the Pro or Ultimate licenses to use all the antivirus features. It’s worth noting that the free Avast version is enough to keep your data safe.