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Does PC Matic Work on Windows 10 in 2020?

Choosing an antivirus solution for your PC is not always easy. There are plenty of options and most of them look very much alike. However, PC Matic stands out by offering a unique approach to protecting devices from all kinds of threats. What’s more, it works on all Windows devices from such outdated versions as XP to Windows 10. In addition to antivirus protection, the software brings several maintenance tools that help deliver smooth performance. Let’s get to know more about this solution in the PC Matic review below.

What does PC Matic do?

The software has a cloud-based technology of white-listing. It has a list of the secure files and programs, unlike traditional antivirus programs that make a list of the known dangerous ones. While this new approach seems to be very reliable, it has some drawbacks, too. The list is not big enough and users often get to wait till the research team approves of a certain file. When the software comes across an unknown file, it’s sent to the research team which, in its turn, has 24 hours to examine the file and define its destiny. What’s more, the abundance of false positives can be very annoying.

Other aspects of the software

PC Matic also has several optimization tools that maintain smooth performance. These tools remove junk files, fix small glitches in other programs, and optimize the PC. What’s more, users can run defragmentation or install updates using the features from the bundle, too.

This program stands out offering the most profound scans ever. It offers only one option, the fullest scan imaginable. It includes not only malware detection but also performs disk defragmentation and searches for performance issues, etc. As a result, the report is very detailed. Each scan uses the color-corrected scheme. This implies that successful scans are green, skipped ones are grey, etc. There are other colors, too. In case there is a problem or a virus, the color is red. One can come across blue, purple, etc. The report will also show helpful tips on how to deal with the issues.

The only way to scan the PC without performing this sort of a full scan is to manually adjust the settings. Before you launch the scan, unmark the boxes you aren’t interested in at the moment. For instance, it’s possible to leave only the antivirus scan.

Types of users who will benefit from PC Matic

There are three main groups of people who will be satisfied with the solution.

  • First of all, it’s users with outdated PCs. In case you have Windows XP or Windows 7, you are sure to know that some modern antivirus solutions don’t support these versions anymore. PC Matic works with all Windows versions, including the 10th.
  • The second group of people includes users who are very protective of the information stored on the device. Since the software allows authorizing every user who can access the files and the whitelist technology blocks all sorts of suspicious activities, PC Matic a perfect choice.
  • Finally, in case you look for an all-in-one solution, you might want to check out this antivirus. Its optimization and protection features bring plenty of tools to the device.

Bottom line

PC Matic is an interesting choice that has a unique approach to antivirus protection. While it has some drawbacks, the attempt is promising. What’s more, one can install it as an additional tool for another antivirus. It works with most of them without causing interference or conflicts.