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You Should Know This: Is 360 Total Security Safe to Use?

360 Total Security (TS) is security software, developed by a Chinese company Qihoo 360. This solution provides users with an antivirus that can protect devices from different forms of threats, including malware, ransomware, and phishing. Moreover, it offers a sandbox, a high-level webcam, and shopping protection. Users can also benefit from keylogger blocking.

With TS users get access to Wi-Fi security checks that are conducted automatically, and download-installation of new patches. The last feature is available for different applications. Besides, desktop users can take advantage of some tools that can help to speed up the OS or clean up the hard drive. Despite all the merits of this product, is 360 Total Security safe to use? Let’s figure it out.

Features of 360 Total Security

TS provides its users with anti-spyware, anti-phishing, anti-trojan, anti-rootkit, anti-worm, and anti-spam services. The product has a lot of scanning options, including USB virus scan, auto virus scanning, real-time, and scheduled scan. The security solution is available for users of desktops (Windows, Mac), and mobile devices (Android). It offers some extra features, for instance, gamer mode, smartphone optimizer.

 TS can be a good variant for:

  • users looking for an all-in-one product;
  • users looking for a free antivirus solution;
  • lovers of user-friendly products.

360 Total Security in Action

This Chinese security solution uses Avira and Bitdefender products. It should be noted, that the results from different tests showed that TS performs worse than Avira and Bitdefender. Thus, test results are partly disappointing. There is just one independent organization, AV-Test, that includes TS into its scheduled tests considering this product is worthy to be reviewed.

In the Protection test, TS got a great score (6 out of 6). The same result is valid for Usability. In the Performance test, the product got 4 out of 6. Meanwhile, Bitdefender got a 6 in all 3 tests, and Avira got 17.5 out of 18 in all 3 tests. Once this solution finds malware, a user will see a big warning message on the screen. If a user makes no actions the program will delete that file or application in 30 seconds.

Once a user opens, for instance, an online store, the specific instrument will be activated. This tool prevents unknown applications from launching and provides a user with protection against keyloggers. Moreover, it offers protection against hijacking. It should be noted, that TS is very good at detecting phishing URLs. The tool, called Ransomware Terminator, was developed to provide sensitive documents with protection from ransomware. It offers real-time scanning and automatic backups. This tool is fully autonomous.


With 360 Total Free users can deal not only with basic threats in cyberspace. This product can even protect users from hijacking. Compared to similar security solutions, TS needs a bit more resources to run. The results of various tests showed precisely how this product can influence system performance. The results were just great. TS doesn’t hamper the download of applications. Meanwhile, the speed of launching websites could fall by 8%; copying operations – by 12%. It should be noted, that these values are quite below the sector averages. Nevertheless, users looking for the highest level of protection and speed can evaluate other products available in the market.