10 Tricks Your iPhone

10 Tricks Your iPhone Can Do (Which You Probably Didn’t Know About)

The functionality of the Apple devices seems plain and predictable for “old” users, but what if we tell you, that you don’t know about a good half of the iPhone’s hidden features?

We’re almost 100% confident that there wasn’t a single day, during which you haven’t used your smartphone at all. That makes the theme of the article even more acute – by not utilizing the iPhone on its full potential you’re wasting your time on superfluous gestures, while it is more than easy to learn ten time-saving tips instead!

  1. Let the smartphone manage your time

If you’re a busy person, you know how tiresome time calculations can be. It’s just not possible to hold the daily schedule in your head – but with the Calendar app, you don’t have to.   Create a new event, then lay down the route and ask the app to remind you when to leave your current location, so that you won’t be late for your next point of destination. This way you won’t need to keep track of time – your assistant will do it for you!

  1. Prolong battery life

The battery power of iPhone is, probably, the softest spot of this Apple production. However, using these two simple tricks, you can postpone the next charge for up to 7 hours.   Turn on Low Power Mode on your iPhone and do not switch it even if the battery is full. This method can give you additional 6+ hours between two charges. Manually close the applications, which rapidly eat your battery – you can find the top of “hungry” apps in the Battery settings.

  1. Hide your private files from intruders

All of us have that kind of friend, who starts to scroll down your Gallery when you’re showing him an interesting picture on your smartphone. To protect private photos or videos from prying eyes, you should pick the compromising images, hit the Share option, and there find the Hide pictogram.

  1. Load your pocket secretary with work

Making notes while driving, shopping, or having busy hands? No problems – ask Siri instead! Your pocket assistant can create both simple text notes, or anchor them to specific locations like your home, workplace, or even car (if it is compliant with CarPlay system).

  1. Search through apps instead of scrolling

Search bar, which hides above your Home Screen, allows you to avoid unnecessary scrolling through the folders with dozens of applications. Instead, slide your finger downwards from any point of the screen, and type the name of the app in the appeared search window.   The same tricks work with settings – but only for the latest versions of iPhones.

  1. Count quicker

Did you know that you can use your iPhone as a calculator without opening the actual math application? Whenever you need to figure out the size of a discount in shop or tips for a respectful waiter, type the equation in the search bar (which you can call out just as in the previous trick).   It will quickly show you the correct answer – but, of course, this lark wouldn’t work for complex equations and trigonometric functions.

  1. Move easily between opened windows

Using this tip, you no more have to switch between two programs by opening tabs tree: when you decide to travel through some link in the opened application (messenger, mail, news article, etc.) and you click on it, notice how the full-screen window shrinks into a small square.   By tapping on it, you will be brought back to the original application. Such a small feature saves iPhone users tons of nerves, especially when it comes to working with plenty of additional materials.

  1. Answer messages from the lock screen

Tired of opening the messaging application each time your friend writes you after an enduring pause? You can make the reply option simpler by allowing messaging right from the lock screen of your smartphone.   Go to settings and find Touch ID and Passcode section. Update those settings – and voila! – you can reply to your parents, friends, co-workers, and partners without opening the actual chat. Tap on the message, move it rightward, and then start writing.   Still, be careful and do not leave your phone unsupervised: not only you but anyone else can read your private correspondence with the help of this trick.

  1. Send attachments with your commentaries

If you’re a business person, you’ll find this lifehack extremely useful. When sending an attachment via email, try to hold your finger on the free space of message for 5 seconds. After that, tap the file and choose the Markup option, which will allow you to use the unknown function of the iPhone – the possibility to leave small text notes, draw and edit the file you’re sending.

  1.  Sign e-documents

This feature is somewhat similar to the previous tip. You can create and store your signature to leave your approval on any document without the need to print it. Follow the same instructions as in the 9th paragraph, but in the Markup, menu chooses the signature option instead.   As you can see, you don’t need plenty of time to make your life easier. These small tips will make your iPhone user experience much smoother. Moreover, you can always use them in the unremitting argument between Apple and Android fans. Enjoy 🙂