Changing Sides for Android

Changing Sides: All You Need to Switch Painlessly from Android to iOS

The joy from the recently bought iPhone is usually spoiled by the understanding, that all the gained photos, contacts, music, dialogues would be lost with the old device. But not many people know that this problem is, actually, solvable!   Almost 95% of your private data can be transferred to your brand new Apple device. Though, there are some uncheerful exceptions. Each operation wouldn’t require more than 10 minutes of your time, which is still better than losing years of Android usage history in a single day. Starting from photos & music and ending with text messages – switching OS is much easier than it seems.

At One Fling: iTunes

If you’re a far-sighted user of iTunes on your Android, then this article pretty much ends for you on this point. To obtain access to your media files, which include films, photos, music, videos, books, podcasts you only have to log in your iPhone to your iTunes account.   This way all the media data will instantly appear in your new device. Simple but elegant! However, this trick won’t work with the basic phone data such as applications, contacts, and calendar.

Synchronizing With Computer

Another method to send data from Android to iPhone is the usage of the intermediary – your private computer. By choosing this way, you save yourself a pile of nerves, as soon as it seizes all possible transferable information – from media to contacts and calendar.   The instructions are pretty profane: manually copy all the available data from the Android device to the computer. The first option requires to connect your new Apple smartphone via USB to your PC, and then, again, to copy the Android data onto your iPhone. What Type Of Data Could (Or Could Not) Be Transferred? Unfortunately, not all kinds of content will appear on your new smartphone. Here are the detailed instructions for each type of information you might need to shift. Music & Movies The suitable option for music and films transferring depends on the way you store your media on the Android device.   Users, who listen/buy entertaining content through online services like Soundcloud, Spotify, or iTunes would only need to log into their accounts from new smartphones. This way all the music, films and serials will be available for the reloading without the additional payment.   Some troubles may occur if you’re downloading pirated content or buy copyright materials through other sources. In this case, two pieces of advice may help: Try to save music/film on your computer, or in any Cloud service and open it on iPhone. If it was obtained legally, iTunes would automatically load it in the application. In other cases, you won’t be able to get your whole media playlist on the Apple device. Search for the missing songs and films on iTunes and buy them from the original creators. Photo Gallery Important pictures from the Android device can be sent to your Apple smartphone via mediators like Cloud Services (e.g., Google Drive, iCloud). If such a method doesn’t suit you, connect the Android to the PC, copy all the photos & videos there, and then pass them to the iPhone. Applications Before switching permanently to your Apple smartphone, you should check whether all the applications you use have their iOS versions available in the App Store.   Depending on the type of the application, the developer may or may not store your account’s data on his servers. If the apps you’re using are popular enough, there are all the chances that your private information can be accessed by logging in your old account. Otherwise, you’ll have to install or search for the iOS alternatives. Contacts Remember your saviors’ names: Windows Address Book, Outlook Express, and Contacts (for MacBook). These services allow you to send all your contact base to your personal computer, and then get all the collected numbers on your iPhone.   As an alternative, consider using the same Cloud Services but tailored to the contacts only – Yahoo Address Book or Google Contacts. Calendar Through the years of Android usage, you probably have collected lots of important dates (birthdays, events, celebrations) in your Calendar application.   If the soft you’re using is a subsidiary service of Google or Yahoo, then there’s nothing easier than getting your calendar on the new device. Just connect it with the associated account – the saved data will appear on your iPhone without any changes.   For the other Calendar apps try the same method: search for the corresponding application in App Store and log in your account. If that solution doesn’t work, you should try to export the data it collected onto the computer or Cloud Service, and then transfer it to the Apple device. SMS Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer SMS on your new Apple device if we’re talking about the correspondence through the mobile operator services.   However, when it comes to third-party applications for messaging like WhatsApp, Facebook Messages or FaceTime, to get access to the chats you only have to install iOS versions of the apps and sign in from the already existing account.   We hope you’ve learned that you don’t have to lose your precious data when switching from Android to iPhone. Follow these instructions to take your media, correspondence, contacts and calendar events with yourself on any device. And remember to make backups from time to time – for peace of mind.