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ScanGuard review — discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the antivirus software

ScanGuard review: considering all the pros and cons

An information security issue warrants a purely prompt solution. Worldwide antivirus software is developed and updated continuously to ensure it. Customers prefer purchasing licensed software to get advanced protection. This article will cover ScanGuard Antivirus as one of the measures to shield any data. If you’re unsure whether you should install the program, keep reading!

A brief software outline

ScanGuard review defines the program as a real all-rounder for the very reason of its compatibility with the commonly used operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS). The software is supplied with an embedded VPN to prevent any malware from being downloaded. ScanGuard will maintain your identity protection by hiding any personal data. A potential client is provided by three versions of the program according to its features and the security level:

  • Essential Antivirus (one device)
  • Antivirus Pro (three devices)
  • Ultimate Antivirus (five devices)

All the ScanGuard versions include real-time protection against prevalent cyber threats. For instance, ransomware, malware, spyware, adware, trojans, etc. Further, the program offers the opportunity of disk space optimization. The antivirus has a browser cleaner and manager, while its Web Shield extension allows staying safe online. ScanGuard Antivirus Pro comes with a secure password vault. Customers are able to access the Antivirus eBook that contains instructions to make the program use as easy as pie. The Ultimate version includes a smartphone optimization. The clients who have purchased the last one can count on round-the-clock technical support via live chat, phone, and email.

ScanGuard advantages

To be confident about this antivirus product, a customer should take a look at the main advantages:

  1. The strongly encrypted VPN doesn’t slow down data rates. Moreover, it allows selecting any location to access the web resources with territorial limits.
  2. It saves personal data and browsing history to ease the Internet surfing and to keep it secure.
  3. Remote two-wall firewall protection ensures any device to be safe since it adjusts and filters network traffic according to predefined rules.
  4. Parental control guarantees high informational security. Websites of disputable content won’t be shown to a child.
  5. No need for several accounts. It’s possible to use the only one to protect all devices.
  6. ScanGuard has a low initial price in comparison with other antiviruses.
  7. In addition, the software improves a device performance whether it’s a PC or mobile phone.

ScanGuard disadvantages

Some features may be not approved by customers:

  1. The antivirus software doesn’t have a trial period. It’s impossible to perceive the program’s potential without purchasing at least an Essential Antivirus version. The client can use the one-month money back guarantee if the program doesn’t meet the demands.
  2. The software doesn’t cover email and chat protection, which can lead to information leakage Besides, the function of anti-spam is off the features list.
  3. Clients can’t discuss the program with the community because of its low density.
  4. The antivirus independent testing results are hard to find and check.
  5. Ticket support is unavailable.
  6. A customer must register on the SafeGuard official website in order to download the installation file. This may seem suspicious to the users who are afraid of further spamming and accidental visiting of phishing websites.

ScanGuard has been getting rather skeptical reviews, but this software is frequently chosen by more customers to date.

Why should you install ScanGuard?

The antivirus program offers two ways of scanning. The fast one is intended to search lightly for potential malware in the browser, as well as in download and desktop files. The long one aims to go behind the operating system and disk space thoroughly. Comprehensive scanning won’t miss any threat. A user-friendly interface is another program strength. Clients can access the antivirus actions directly from the main window. The lightweight software management doesn’t overload the device operating system. This defines the ScanGuard universality for both ordinary users and big companies or holdings. The antivirus program will become a shield from cyber attacks and thieves.