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Automatic Dog Feeder in Pet-Store Review

Every owner knows that any food, if it is stored incorrectly, will deteriorate, no matter how high-quality it is. For your pet’s nutrition to be perfectly maintained for a long time, you can get a special auto feeder. Due to their special design, the diet of your pet for a long time remains fresh, while retaining its beneficial properties. Also, pets need to eat regularly, and modern working owners will not be able to fully provide this. To make life easier for dog owners and to make full care of them, special automatic feeders have been created, which we will talk about automatic dog feeder.

It is simple to use automatic feeders. It is enough to control the content of food in the structure. There are a variety of feeders – simple plastic or car feeders with built-in programs. A classic feeder is a plastic container containing a ration that is refilled again as soon as the dog has eaten a serving. So at a certain time, when the dog needs to eat, she will be able to do this without hindrance. Programmed feeders are good in that you can set the time yourself and the device will automatically open the dog’s food access.

Types of feeders

Automatic dog feeders are special devices that can be programmed to feed certain portions and at a specific time. Some even have a host voice recording function, which will notify the pet that it is time for a meal.

Internal feeder arrangement

All automatic bowls are containers in which wet or dry food is stored. Such feeders come with a timer for which the owner can set a certain period through which the device will serve the pet food.

Containers for storing and supplying dog food come in different sizes and meet the different needs of the dog and its owner. Some have a special dry feed loader that resembles a water cooler, while others are a very small bowl with a lid.

More bulky feeders with a large container for storing food are designed for large dogs that require a large portion of food several times a day. Small automatic bowls can be used for small dog breeds or medium-sized breeds – such a feeder will take up less space in the kitchen, but it needs to be filled more often.

Features of choosing an automatic feeder

Choosing an automatic pet feeder is relative to the characteristics of your dog and your needs. Here the main indicators are:

  • dog size;
  • how many times a day a pet eats food;
  • how much food the dog eats at one time;
  • how long it takes to provide the dog with food.

Dogs of large breeds eat more food and their portion may not fit in the capacity of a segment feeder, for them it is better to choose a feeder with a large loading hopper. For small dogs, a small bowl with segments or a version of a feeder with a dispenser with a hinged lid will be enough.

If you are leaving for a long time or want to provide a large dog with food – you can not do without a large feeder with a programming function, while for a day a medium-sized dog will have a small bowl for 2-3 meals.

Additional accessories for car feeders

Most often there are bowls that store and serve food from one to four times a day, but there are models with a dispenser that can provide food for a dog for up to one hundred days. This is very convenient for owners who often leave home due to business trips without the ability to take the animal with them.

Another interesting feature is the ability to record voice messages for the pet when the dog is bored at home alone. You simply record your voice on the built-in recorder in the feeder and it plays this message, inviting the animal to have a bite.